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We’re here to make moving home easier, more affordable, and greener for everyone!

  • Founded in 2009
  • +500 Top rated Removal Partners
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Eco Mission

Our vans are
Carbon Balanced

AnyVan makes the most of existing journeys to use as little fuel as possible, but while we massively reduce our carbon footprint through route matching, our vans still produce CO2, just like the others.

Our ambition is for AnyVan to be the greenest way to move on the planet, so we’ve teamed up with World Land Trust to balance all the CO2 our vans produce, by protecting and restoring threatened tropical forests each and every time we move.

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Why are reviews are so important to us?

Looking for AnyVan Reviews?

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Why do we ask you to review your experience?

In a world where everyone claims their services or products are the best out there, you need more than a visit to a company's homepage to be able to know who is telling the truth.

We rely on the feedback and satisfaction of our customers to make sure our standards don't slip.

If you have used AnyVan recently, review your journey and tell us about it - good or bad - as it helps us improve and continue to offer market-leading services. Your review can help others move with confidence.

With over 100,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot and a further 4,000 on Google, we don't just talk a good game; we deliver one too.

How do you choose a brand you can trust?

Word of mouth is vital in our collective decision making, and we understand that.

If you saw a restaurant with largely negative reviews online, you would undoubtedly be hesitant to eat there. Moving your goods should be no different.

That's why, with over 100,000 'Excellent' ratings on Trustpilot, you don't have to take our word for how good the service we offer is.

We choose to let your words do the talking for us.

AnyVan Reviews

Why do we ask you to rate our drivers?

Moving is exciting, but can be stressful; we get it. The last thing you need is your removal company adding to the stress.

But, no matter the size of the job, our network of thousands of approved drivers are on hand to make the task as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Working with a network of handpicked Transport Partners, we set the highest standards for every move, which starts with the person responsible for your delivery.

Our system for vetting our drivers is a point of pride for us, going above and beyond similar systems for others in our industry.

By rating your trip, we get first-hand feedback for our network of delivery partners. Our transport team keeps track of every review for those we work with, ensuring they meet the level of expectations we set.

With over 12 years of experience, we've had time to understand the fundamentals for a perfect move. And, to ensure things continue to run smoothly, we ask for ratings on four areas from our customers: punctuality, care of goods, communication and presentation.

By combining these four components and asking you to review them, the accountability is put on us to determine how consistently our driver delivers that expected level of service across the board.

Every driver we work with needs to maintain a minimum rating of 4.75, ensuring your trip with AnyVan is of the highest quality every time, ensuring you get a great move every time.

AnyVan Reviews

Don't just take our word for it!

You don't have to trust someone shifty to handle your belongings when, here at AnyVan, quality is at the heart of everything we do.

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