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PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE TODAY THE 16/01/2014 JUST BEEN TO PICK A CAR UP FROM THE VOSA STATION AT JUN 44 M6 THE VEHICLE WAS BEING RANSPORTED BY A FIRM USE A TRAILER AND A 4X4 HILUX HEY HAVE BEEN INPOUNDED UNTIL THEY HAD THE CAR TAKEN OFF AS THEY HAD NO TACHO FITTED IN THE VEHICLE AND WAS WORKING FOR HIRE AND REWARD THE DRIVER IS LOOKING AT FINES OVER £1000 AND HE HAD US TO PAY THERE AND THEN YOU MUST HAVE A TACHO FITTED AND DRIVE TO EU LAWS WHEN TOWING FOR HIRE AND REWARD THE GUY FROM VOSA HAS TOLD MY GUY THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A BIG CRACK DOWN ON PEOPLE TOWING VEHICLES DRIVER ALSO GOT 6 POINT ON HIS LICENCE FOR HIS INSURANCE NOT BEEN VOID AS NO TACHO FITTED we are a light haulage company and car transport firm based in west Cumbria we run 1 x small van 4 xlwb panel vans 2 x pick ups 2 x 3.5 tonner car recovery trucks 1 x 3.5 tonner plant truck 2 x 7.5 tonner recovery trucks one will car 2 cars and in the new year we will have a 26 tonner beaver tail plant truck we run right across the uk and we offer a full recovery service for running damaged sorn cars vans 4x4 our driver rings you the night b4 we going to collect your car ect and will call you 1 hour b4 we arrive at your address we are sometimes not the cheapest but please check our feed back out and that anyone who you are looking has the right vehicle to carry your car /van/ 4x4 ect . please note we do not accept cheques any more

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Jobs Completed 534
Recommendations 233
Insurance Cover £50000
Member Since 14 months ago
Payment Options CashBank Transfer

My Vans

Mini Van

Mini Van

Load Size: 2.8 cubic meters

Transit Van

Transit Van

Load Size: 7.9 cubic meters

Car Transporter

Car Transporter

Load Size: 1 large car / 2 small cars

7.5 Tonne

7.5 Tonnes

Load Size: 28.3 cubic meters

18 Tonne

18 Tonnes

Load Size: 51 cubic meters

Multi Car Transporter

Multi Car Transporter

Load Size: Up to 9 cars