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Posted 21/10/2014 in Moving House Tips

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Here are some useful packing tips to help you when moving house:
  • When you disassemble your bed label the parts and use rope or tape to tie the frames together. This will make it easier to reassemble. When you dismantle your table make sure to keep all screws in a bag and tape it to the underside of your table. You can also wrap your table legs and tie them together so that they do not become damaged or lost. Use bubble-wrap to cover the arms and legs of your chairs. For extra protection for your chairs use slipcovers or buy chair bags for protection. 
  • Take all the drawers out of your furniture and pack your clothes and fragile items inside them. Once you have done this you should wrap them with a furniture cover and tie it securely over the drawer with packing string or rope. 
  • Empty all of your appliances and pack the accessories such as trays separately. While your appliances are empty, give them a clean and use some tape to secure and moving parts. Make sure that you defrost and drain your refrigerator and your freezer. Tie the doors to your appliances shut before they are loaded up by your removals company. 
  • Pack your microwave into a box and use paper to cushion the sides of it. Pack your electrical items in the same way. Label your remote controls and wires so that you know which machine they are for. 
  • Protect your artwork and mirrors by wrapping them in paper and packing them in mirror boxes. For larger pieces tape cardboard over them securely. Use packing tape to create an x shape on your mirrors to help prevent them from cracking. 
  • To protect rugs, roll them up and secure with rope and then put a cover or bag over each end to keep them clean. 
  • Pack your clothing and drapes in wardrobe boxes. And put shoes in a separate box. 
  • Pack books in small boxes and try not to make the box too heavy. The maximum weight should be less than 13 KGs. Do the same with CD's but add some newspaper around the edges to cushion them so that the covers do not crack. 
  • Stack up your pots and pans and wrap them in paper. Do not stack your dishes so that they are flat. Wrap each one individually and pack them on edge.

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