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When looking for a new home, the biggest cost concerning you will likely be the price for your new home. After all, deposits aren’t cheap!

Because of this, sadly, many people forget to consider the cost of actually moving house. Buying packaging, paying all the necessary fees to your utility providers and having to both hire and insure a moving vehicle will all add to your quota, and it can be even worse if you fail to arrange everything in advance.

Luckily, there are several ways to make moving house cheaper. It could be a matter of avoiding last-minute booking fees, getting free cardboard boxes or even making a few pounds by finding new homes for your stuff. A cheap way to move home if you’re selling a property is to consider an online estate agent, who offer lower fees to sell your home.

Let’s look at some money saving tips and cheapest ways to move house.

Move mid week

We are often asked which day of the week is best for moving house. The answer tends to vary depending on how you define ‘best’, but the cheapest days to move house are definitely Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The reason is that these days do not offer convenient weekends to help with packing for, or unpacking from, moving days, making them a less convenient choice for anyone who needs to take time off work.

Because of this, these days tend to be less popular with removal companies. As such, you will usually find it easier to get a slot, or even a cheaper deal.

Better yet, why not book Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off? This should give you more than enough time to get settled in at your new home.

Book early on

A key part of paying a fair price for your moving day will be booking the right remover. Remember if you compare prices, the best candidate may not be the cheapest.  A professional mover should still be able to offer a reliable service for a decent price.

However, if you leave the booking too late, you could struggle to get your preferred candidate. There may even be higher rates if you book at the last minute.

This is particularly important if you are booking in the Summer. This is a popular time of year for removers, so you will need to book your candidate further in advance.

Organisation on the day

We mentioned how important organisation is: if you want everything to go right on the day, avoid last-minute headaches and save money, it will pay to plan absolutely everything in advance. There are a few things in particular which are worth considering if you want to save money.

First, it will be worth considering a late key waiver. If there is any chance that there might be delays in you getting access to your property, you may risk additional fees from any removers who need to stay late. Paying a small waiver early on will allow you to avoid these fees, though if the move will be relatively simple then it may not be worth it.

Start of early, avoiding any rush hour traffic, and keep an ear open for any traffic updates for your chosen route. This will be particularly important if you are moving to or from an urban area, or if you will be relying on certain roads.

Most importantly, get all of your packing done before the big move. Ideally, you will get this done over the course of several weeks, leaving your most important belongings for last. Nobody likes having to stay up late the night before a big move just to fill boxes and suitcases!

Luckily, you can leave the actual carrying to removers. You could also have them cover your packing for an additional fee, though with enough planning and a few free moving cardboard boxes, this may not be necessary.

As for any heavy, valuable or delicate belongings, this brings us neatly to our next point…

Sell old furniture, decor and appliances

Here’s an easy rule to remember: the smaller your move is, the cheaper it will be. The number of possessions that you want to pack and take with you will be a huge factor in this, as it will decide how much time is spent loading and unloading, how many hours you will need to hire your removers for, and how much you will need to spend on packaging materials.

Certain pieces can also be awkward to move in a hurry, so it could be a good idea to get them out of the property in advance. For example, you may need to remove a window or door to get a sofa through.

Luckily, as long as your belongings are in a decent condition, it should not be too much of a problem to find new homes for them. Items like sofas, wardrobes, white goods, art and appliances all have potential value, though you should not expect to get back what you paid for them.

Websites like Amazon and eBay in particular make it simple to sell used belongings, though it can still be effective to take advertisements out in local papers for any expensive pieces. Certain games or antiques may even be highly valuable.

Failing this, you could also save money by simply getting rid of what you don’t need. You could donate it all to charity, or use a freecycling website like Freegle. Remember to keep your account, just in case you need to grab anything for your new home!

Hire a competent removals company

This may sound counterintuitive, and yes you can potentially save money by doing everything yourself, but there are many perks to leaving everything on your moving day to a removal company.

There is the matter of insurance, for one. Family and friends helping out on the day will not be insured in case they get injured or damage your belongings. Professional removers on the other hand will already have the necessary policies in place, even for once your goods are already on the road.

Another reason is manpower. Removal companies will be able to supply enough labour to get everything lifted, loaded and away as quickly as possible. The less time wasted on your moving day, the sooner you can get settled into your new home.

Removers will also be able to supply the necessary vehicles and equipment to get the job done. Remembering, you won’t just need to cover the costs of hiring a vehicle by yourself; you will also need to insure it. Depending on the premiums available to you, it could even work out more expensive than simply hiring a remover.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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