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Even during the most well-planned move, there is still a lot that can go wrong. This doesn’t even have to be purely down to a lack of organisation; if there is an accident on the road, or if someone packs your belongings incorrectly, it can quickly turn into an expensive problem. When this happens, it is absolutely crucial to have transit insurance policy, or you could end up in serious financial trouble.

Asking about the amount of goods in transit cover a remover can offer you is just as important as checking their reviews. Any professional company that is even worth considering should have insurance to cover its employees, as well as your belongings when they are en route to your new home.

Remember, unless they can offer ‘Goods in Transit Insurance’ (GIT insurance) and ‘Public Liability Insurance’ (PLI), a remover is not even worth considering as you will not be protected with your move.

You should also keep one more thing in mind: anything that goes wrong for your movers could happen far more easily to any people you ask to help with the move as a favour. Casual movers, friends or white van men are unlikely to be adequately insured, which means that any damage that occurs during your move could put a serious dent in your bank account.

Before we continue, it is worth advising you to familiarise yourself with the value of your goods before they get packed away. Your remover should be able to offer a level of coverage that meets your needs, or you will only be able to recover some of what you lose.

This is particularly important for any valuable, personal or fragile belongings you might have. Removers may have to schedule specialty packaging, or even additional equipment, depending on anything unusual you have to transport. Remember, giving your removers a full list of what you want to transport will make things far easier for everyone!

With that in mind, here is what you need to know about insurance for moving house!

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Goods in transit insurance cover

GIT is designed to cover your belongings against theft, loss or damage while they are being transported via vehicle. It can even cover them if they need to be left in the vehicle overnight, provided it is locked properly of course.

One thing to keep in mind is that while your removers may have insured their vehicle, the contents are another story. GIT is usually considered optional, though any reputable company should have it in place.

If you are making an international move you will also want to ask about whether your remover’s policy offers European or international coverage. Obviously, there is a lot more that can go wrong when belongings are being sent halfway around the world!

It will also be worth letting your remover know if you are transporting any particularly fragile or valuable items, such as antiques. This should give them time to get additional cover if necessary.

Public liability insurance cover

If your removers are injured during the removal, or if they cause any damage to your property, an active public liability insurance policy will ensure that they don’t end up going broke for it.

This is particularly important for larger companies with multiple vehicles and workers; if they have full-time employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, they MUST have PLI by law.

Most of the time, your PLI insurance quote policy will cover:

  • Goods valued up to a certain amount
  • Storage cover
  • Products liability
  • Personal accidents
  • European and international cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Legal expenses

Naturally this is quite fundamental for professional removers, but that does not mean that you should take it for granted. Individual removers will decide on their maximum level of cover, so it is worth mentioning the value of your belongings in advance, just in case a remover’s policy is inadequate.

If you are organising a commercial move, rather than a domestic one, it will also be worth checking to make sure that your remover’s policy will still cover you. When it comes to business insurance, the little details are absolutely essential!

Making a claim for goods in transit

If you need to utilise an insurance policy, it is important to act as quickly as possible in order to avoid delays. Depending on your policy, there may be a rather tight window for you to make a claim. After this point, it won’t be your insurance brokers problem anymore.

You will likely be asked to provide certain key documentation in order to make everything legitimate. It can eve be a good idea to put these documents to one side during your move, just in case you need them quickly.

  • Claim form
  • Supplier invoice/ proof of goods
  • Repair/ replacement bill reflecting the value of the goods
  • Police report (if applicable)
  • Proof that goods were in vehicle at time of incident

Choosing a remover

The right insurance policy should be of your biggest reasons to hire a remover. Ideally, your final candidate’s policy should be able to:

  • Cover your property and belongings against injury or accidental damage
  • Cover your belongings while in transit, including overnight if necessary
  • Supply European or international journeys, if appropriate

That said, it should not be the only reason for your choice. Generally speaking, it is usually best to ask for quotes from different removers. This should give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay. But with AnyVan, our instant quote option allows you to quickly get a quote for your move.

Another important point to take into account is just how popular each of your choices are with their past customers. Remember, you want a remover who will turn up on time, pack and transport your belongings efficiently and provide enough advice to ensure that you don’t let anything slip in through the cracks. If reviewers have any significant complaints about a candidate, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere.

When booking with AnyVan you’re covered by our Shipment Cargo Policy. With removal quotes starting from £59, it’s the best way to ensure you are covered.

Moving? Don't Panic!
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Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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