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Moving house can be an expensive undertaking. Besides having to fork out for a new mortgage or deposit, you also have the issue of buying packaging, paying the fees required to change over your utility providers, hiring estate agents and conveyancers, and so on (to say nothing of having to hire a removal company!)

While it can be tempting to look for ways to cut corners in situations like this, it is important to keep in mind exactly which expenses are necessary. For example, scrimping on the cost of hiring a remover by hiring an uninsured white van man could result in added complications if they cause damage to your property or belongings.

Indeed, there are some expenses which, sadly, you will just have to live with. This is particularly important to remember when it comes to protecting your belongings. A lot can go wrong on a moving day: not only will you need to make sure that your valuables are insured, but you will also need to take care to transport them safely. It will also a good idea to let your removers know about any particularly valuable, fragile or treasured belongings in advance so that they can take the correct precautions.

Are you taking valuables with you on your upcoming moving day? Here is everything you need to keep in mind!

How to Protect Valuables when Moving Home

Taking care of valuables when moving house

Weeks in advance of your moving day, it will be worth making a list of exactly what you want to take with you. This should give you more than enough time to take the necessary precautions.

‘Valuables’ can refer to almost anything: jewellery, antiques, electronics, heirlooms or even irreplaceable documents. The ‘value’ does not have to be monetary, though this is certainly important. To put it simply, you will need to consider carefully what you have in your possession which you cannot afford to lose. It may simply be that you want to take special care of your family photos!

So, start by making a list of your valuables, whatever they may be. Next, make a note of their dimension and weight, as this will help you to plan how to safely pack them away. It will be worth taking the time to take photos to show their current condition, just in case you need to make any home insurance claims. You will also need to take care of any documentation related to your valuables, such as receipts, proof of authenticity, warranty cards and so on.

Buying insurance for your valuables

Professional removal companies will usually provide goods in transit insurance, as well as public liability insurance for if their employees are injured or cause damage. However, depending on the value of your items you may still need to take out an additional insurance policy.

If your items are currently insured, contact your insurance provider to let them know about the move. It may well be that your current policy will not cover your moving day. Your removal company should also be able to let you know, based on the value of your belongings compared to their level of coverage, whether you will need to pay for extra protection.

Keep in mind that transporting your valuables in your own vehicle without the proper protection may invalidate your insurance.

Packaging for valuables

Your valuables, particularly the more fragile pieces, will likely need proper padding to protect them during transportation. Most of the time your removal company will be able to provide this, provided you let them know exactly what to expect in advance.

  • Cardboard boxes – Make sure that any boxes you use are sturdy and well sized. It is possible to get free moving boxes for this, but it will not be worth putting your valuables in danger with a fragile box for the sake of saving a few quid
  • Cushioning – You will want to provide enough padding for your belongings, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts and so on
  • Electronics – Everyone uses electronics these days, so everyone knows just how expensive and fragile they can be! Most of the time it will be best to use the original packaging for your devices where possible, including any styrofoam pieces. The most important thing to remember will be to make sure that they do not have much space to move around in during your moving day
  • Artwork – Cushioning will be essential for your artwork, particularly for framed pieces. If any of the frames have glass fronts, you will want to place masking tape over them in the shape of an X. This will help to keep the pieces from causing too much damage in the event of a break
  • Antiques – When it comes to valuable antiques, you do not just need to worry about them breaking. Even small scratches can cause their value to plummet, so be sure to use tarps or sheets to wrap them up in addition to the necessary padding

Hiring a removal company

If you really want to keep your valuables safe during your move, the best method will be to hire a moving company. An experienced and fully-insured moving firm will be able to pack and transport your valuables with the utmost care, ensuring that they can get from A to B safely or, failing that, covering the costs of replacing them in the event of an emergency.

Start by looking through reviews carefully; look for customers who have had to transport similar belongings to yours, and keep an eye out for what people say about how much each candidate pays attention to detail.

Next, speak to your candidates and let them know what you want to transport, along with the value of each piece. You should then make sure that they can provide enough insurance to cover everything.

Once you have found several good candidates (with the right protection and top-notch reviews), it will be time to compare their quotes. Keep in mind that nationwide firms will often charge more as a result of their overheads. A local company may well be able to provide a service which is just as good for a fraction of the price.

Most importantly, be sure to book your remover WELL in advance. This will be doubly important during the summer or at weekends when removal companies are more likely to have their schedules fill up quickly. Remember, if you really want to protect your valuables, you will want to make sure that you can book the best help.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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