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A perfect move requires plenty of practice and planning, not just to save yourself some serious stress, but also to avoid wasting money. There are so many things that can go wrong in any move, especially if you leave things to the last minute.

One of the best ways to avoid disaster when moving house is to hire a professional remover. They can offer expertise in more than just packing: their experience can also ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, allowing you to sit back and look forward to settling into your new home. In most cases, hiring a professional remover can even turn out cheaper than a self-move, as it will let you avoid having to rent a vehicle and insure it, buy your own packaging and take time off work to organise everything.

That said, there are still plenty of ways to save money when moving house. All it takes is a few helpful tips!

Money saving tips for moving house

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When moving house, there is a simple and well-tested rule that everyone can follow: the less you have to pack, the easier everything will be.

Getting rid of anything that you don’t need will allow you to save money on transport, storage and, of course, packing materials. Start by making a list of everything you own, then highlight anything that you can do without. You could donate your clothes to charity, sell your furniture or even get rid of your belongings in no time at all via freecycling websites like Gumtree and Freegle.

Of course, if you do decide to freecycle, be sure to hang onto your account – it could help you to stock up on free furniture once you move into your new home!

Move on a weekday morning

When it comes to your moving day, it is usually best to do the travelling on a weekday, ideally after the morning rush has died down. This means less traffic and a smoother, less painful journey for you and your removers.

Even so, it will still be a good idea to book your remover as far in advance as possible. Slots tend to go quickly, especially during weekends or holidays. Making your booking in plenty of time will ensure that you can move at a time to suit you.

Collect free moving cardboard boxes

While there are plenty of potential costs to consider when moving house, packaging is often one of the most annoying. A new set of sturdy moving boxes can easily cost over £20 – a needless waste of money, considering the number of places you can go to get free moving boxes.

Local shops and supermarkets can be excellent places to get free cardboard boxes. Granted, you may need to stop by just before the bins go out, but considering how strong stock boxes are designed to be, the inconvenience can be more than worth it. You may also want to check any local recycling centres or rubbish tips, as well as websites like Gumtree and Freegle.

One thing to keep in mind is that any pre-used boxes may have already been flattened by the time you get your hands on them. However, strong packing tape is relatively cheap, especially considering how much you will be saving elsewhere.

Change your information before you move

Nobody likes admin, especially during a stressful move. However, failing to alert your bank, along with your insurance and utility providers, about your move can result in some serious fines and redirection bills.

To avoid this, make sure to let everyone know when you are moving with plenty of time!

Selling your home

If you are selling your home you will face estate agent costs. A way to reduce the fee from your estate agent is to considering a fixed fee agent.

Replace your furniture and white goods

Earlier on, we talked about how you can save yourself a great deal of time and stress by getting rid of any non-essentials before your big move. Furniture and white goods, such as fridges and freezers, can be particularly cumbersome, especially when you can replace them almost free of charge!

Freecycling websites are an excellent place to find chairs, storage units and even white goods that need a new home. As long as you check the quality of any goods which you accept, this can be an excellent way to save money both before and after your move.

Don’t throw away essentials and food

While it is usually a good idea to get rid of as much dead weight as possible before a big move, there will always be a few items which you cannot afford to do without, including toiletries and work clothes.

When it comes to your essentials, you will need to make doubly sure that everything is clearly and safely packaged before the move. You do not want to end up losing anything that will need to be replaced in a hurry.

It can also be worth keeping a hold of any food you have at your current home, rather than simply throwing it away. If you have the space, why not take it with you and save yourself the trouble of having to replace it? You could even use it to make a feast for any friends helping you with the move!

Compare suppliers

When you move to a new house, there is no need to take your current utility, telephone or internet suppliers with you (or the former occupant’s for that matter). Instead, you should treat your move as a chance to look for a better deal. Your current providers may even be willing to offer cheaper rates in order to keep you!

Before you make a decision, be sure to check reviews for providers in your local area. Certain utilities and other services may not be as widely available, and you do not want to have to pay for anything sub par. This is particularly true when it comes to internet and phone providers in rural areas.

Register for council tax

A common misconception held by movers is that you can save yourself having to pay council tax by ignoring it for a few weeks. Sadly, this simply is not the case: instead, your fees will likely be backdated, and you will end up having to pay a huge lump sum.

In order to avoid this, let your new local council know about your move in as much time as possible. While you are at it, why not register to vote in your new constituency?

Free insulation

When you first inspected your new home, you should have been given a chance to look at the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This lets you know exactly how energy efficient a building is and how much you can expect to spend on heating it.

If the EPC rating is particularly low, you may want to ask your energy supplier if they would be willing to help you give it a boost. Most suppliers have high environmental-protection targets to meet as a result of initiatives by the UK government.

These targets will usually be met by offering free energy-saving solutions to customers, such as smart meters or even insulation. Depending on your supplier and location, you could be entitled to over £300 in insulation, which can lead to major savings in the long run.

Redirect your mail

While redirecting mail is another piece of admin that nobody looks forward to, failing to do so can lead to serious consequences. At worst, you could end up missing essential bills, leading to huge late fees. You may even wind up as the victim of identity theft!

In most cases, the best way to avoid this will be to utilise the Royal Mail’s Redirection service. This is available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 month implements, giving you plenty of time to arrange everything else before and after your move.

Hire a professional remover

Hiring a professional remover might sound counterproductive in an article about saving money, but hear us out: there are plenty of perks to consider!

A remover will have their own insured vehicle at hand, allowing you to avoid having to hire one yourself. They can also supply packaging, along with insurance to cover your goods during transit. Crucially, this might allow you to avoid taking time off work for your move.

This peace of mind can be particularly valuable during an international move.

That said, you should not simply hire the first remover you find. Instead, try to collect quotes for at least five, letting them know exactly what you need to transport along with how far you are going and whether parking will be available once they arrive. This should help you get an accurate idea of the average costs.

Finally, and we cannot stress this enough, do not simply go with the cheapest option available. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you should consider using a man and van. Be sure to check customer reviews for any of your candidates in order to make sure that they are fast, safe, reliable and fully insured for their work.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
Need to move
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