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Moving house can be stressful whatever the circumstances, but for larger properties, it can be even worse. Not only will you have more to pack, but if you are also taking your family with you there will also be a great deal more to organise. This, of course, will simply add to the stress of changing over your utility providers, taking time off work and, naturally, finding a top-notch local removal company.

Many movers believe that they can save money on moving house by simply taking care of everything on their own, rather than hiring a professional removal firm. However, this will often be a false economy. It cost more to hire and insure a moving vehicle on your own than it does to simply hire professional help, and the insurance required to put the van on the road and protect your belongings can leave you painfully out of pocket.

There are also a number of separate advantages to hiring removal companies. For one, professional removers will have the experience and equipment to prepare and process your move far more efficiently than you would manage on your own. For example, not only will they be able to provide plenty of packaging for even your most delicate belongings, but they will also know the best ways to move heavy or valuable furniture without damaging it. Packing services and materials may come at an extra charge depending on what the company offers.

That being said, not every remover will be able to offer you the same level of quality. It will be important to hire the right remover for the right price if you want your moving day to go off without a hitch.

With that in mind, exactly how much should you expect to pay when moving from a four-bedroom house?

Removal costs for a four-bedroom house

Average removal costs for a four-bedroom house in the UK: £680 – £1300 (+VAT). There can also be the added fee of £150 – £250 packing costs.

This may sound like a lot, especially if you are still feeling the sting of paying the deposit on your new property. However, it is worth keeping in mind just how stressful a move can be without professional help. With the time you will need to spend finding utility providers, local amenities and so on, having to pack away and transport all of your belongings could quickly start to weigh you down.

A four-bedroom house in particularly will have a great deal to pack away in terms of clothes, furniture and home accessories. Even worse, if you do not have a large enough vehicle available to transport everything, you could find yourself having to make multiple tiring trips.

In short, even if a self-move would be cheaper, it certainly wouldn’t be stress-free!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money when moving house. All you need is time, planning and a few useful hints!

Saving money on a house removal

When hiring tradesmen of any kind, it is important to collect enough quotes to give yourself a clear idea of the average cost for your local area.

Remember not to choose your final candidate based on price alone. If a remover offers a cost which undercuts the competition, you will usually have to settle for poor quality service in return. To avoid this, be sure to take the time to read through customer reviews for each of your candidates. Remember, you want someone experienced and reliable. Even if this means paying above the cheapest rates available, the resulting quality should speak for itself.

Book your removers well in advance

Plenty of people move house every day in the UK, especially during the summer or on certain days of the week. As such, removers will usually have their schedules fill up several weeks in advance. If you fail to book your removers in time, you could find yourself having to choose someone other than your ideal candidate, or you may even face additional last minute booking costs.

The most popular days of the week to move house are usually Mondays and Fridays, as this allows movers to take advantage of the weekend to either make last-minute arrangements or settle in before having to go back to work. Hiring a remover on a less popular day will usually be easier, or even cheaper!

As you are moving from a four-bedroom house, you should be sure to give your removers a clear idea of exactly how much you are taking with you. This should give them enough time to arrange a large enough vehicle, as well as additional insurance coverage if necessary.

Let removers know about awkward furniture

Moving a wardrobe is one thing; moving an antique mahogany wardrobe that weighs a tonne is something else entirely!

If you have any particularly valuable, large or delicate furniture which you want to take with you, it will be important to let your removers know well in advance. This foresight will ensure that they can bring the necessary packaging materials and equipment to transport your belongings safely. Depending on your situation, they may even need to bring some additional manpower for the day itself.

To avoid any frustrating difficulties, it will also be worth telling your removers about whether they will be able to make use of an elevator, or if they will need to carry your belongings down several flights of stairs. You will also need to let them know about the parking situation, both at your current property and your new home, in case they need to add the cost of hiring temporary parking spaces to your quote.

Declutter your belongings

A general rule of thumb for moving house is that the less you have to take with you, the easier everything will be. With less furniture, clothing and knick-knacks to pack away, your removers will be able to get on the road faster and, more importantly, you will have less to unpack before you can start to relax in your new home.

If you want to get rid of any belongings which are of decent quality, you may be able to sell them second hand. This is particularly easy for furniture and white goods. Failing that, charity shops should be happy to take anything off your hands. You may even want to make use of a freecycling website like Freegle to find new owners for your belongings.

Find free cardboard boxes

If you have never had to organise a moving day before, you may be surprised to hear just how expensive it can be to buy your own packing materials. A set of boxes for a one-bedroom move, along with the packing tape, bubble wrap and other materials, can cost over £30. Depending on the amount you have managed to fit into your four-bed house, you could easily end up having to spend an extra £100!

Luckily, there are several ways to find free cardboard boxes. Most shops will recycle their boxes on a specific day each week and will be happy to give them away to anyone who needs them. You can usually find particularly strong boxes at bookstores and pubs, as their packing materials need to be sturdy in order to safely support their stock.

Failing that, you should be able to have your remover supply packing materials. These will be brand new and well-suited to your move, though this will usually cost an additional fee.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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