Reputation - Imrankha (72)

ANYVAN Customer Loyalty Recognition:

Here at ANYVAN, we realise the importance of recognising our best and most valued users. We have issued 4 different levels of user as stated below:

A Gold ANYVAN Super User - 50+ Jobs Super User rating indicates:

Over 50 successful jobs completed on the site

ANYVAN Super User - 50+ Jobs

The other customer ratings are listed below and determined by how many completed jobs.

  • ANYVAN Multi User - 5+ Jobs Multi User = Over 5 completed jobs
  • ANYVAN Power User - 10+ Jobs Power User = Over 10 completed jobs
  • ANYVAN Pro User - 20+ Jobs Pro User = Over 20 completed jobs
  • ANYVAN Super User - 50+ Jobs Super User = Over 50 completed jobs

The purpose of this badge is to highlight our top users on ANYVAN to benefit transport providers when bidding.

Member since: 26/01/2010

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