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Most of us are used to moving things from one location to the other – be it a part load or a back loads delivery, we have to engage the services of a service provider to do the same. Generally, we scour through the yellow pages and contact various service providers to obtain a quote or compare quotes online. However, all of this is a waste of time and money, as there are simpler ways to do things. Anyvan is a delivery auction website that is:
•    Free to use.
•    With no obligations to accept any of the bids.
•    Helps in saving an incredible amount of time and money.
Anyvan has thousands of service providers as part of its network and these are companies that have a feedback score rating as well. Hence, you can choose the best back load delivery companies to transport your items locally or internationally. This is a really cost-effective way to move your goods from one location to another. You can easily save around 75% of the transportation costs when compared to any standard service provider. Since, this is a delivery auction website the price bids are extremely competitive. So, just register at Anyvan and follow the three step process to move your items.

Best back load delivery companies

Back loads delivery companies have vans that are transporting items on a daily basis. Statistics has shown that any given point in time, there are 20% of vans that are running empty. Even when these vans carry loads, they have a lot of free space that can be utilized. Hence, these transport companies form a network where they can take part in the auction and send in their bids. This works for the transporters as they can carry back loads and earn extra income. The customers can move their items from one place to another for a fractional cost.

Vans that carry items from one location to the other are generally paid for carrying those items. However, the same vans have to return empty on their way back. This means waste of fuel and increase in the number of vans on the road. A back load delivery is the only solution to this problem. This essentially means moving items on their way back. Most transport companies are vying for business and the competition is fierce. Hence, when you register with Anyvan, you can move your items at a marginal cost. So, just post your requirements online and wait for the bids to roll in.

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